Annual Christmas Luncheon at Patty Jewett Golfhouse

DAR%20Luncheon%20#1One of the chapter’s favorite events is our annual Christmas luncheon.  This year a wonderful lunch was served by the excellent staff of Patty Jewett Golfhouse.  About 36 members and guests attended and were able to enjoy the Glow Singers who favored us with a wide variety of Christmas carols.  Members participated in a fun fashion show of Christmas sweaters.  A very special award was given to Joanne Braidwood in recognition of 50 years of DAR membership!  Birthday wishes were extended to Shirley Winter and her daughter.  This is one luncheon that will definitely remain in our memories for a long time.



Veterans Day Parade 2014


We love to dress up!!!  And, you guessed it – red, white and blue are our favorite colors!!!  It is such an honor to be able to march in the annual Veterans Day Parade in downtown Colorado Springs.  The streets are lined with people all cheering for our veterans. Kinnikinnik Chapter has been proudly honoring our active service men and women and all our veterans as far back as any of us can remember. This year we joined forces with the other two local chapters of DAR; Zebulon Pike and  Cheyenne Mountain.  Representatives of each chapter are shown above, including our own Regent, Carole Ebert (center).  The Veterans Day Parade is fun for the whole family.  We hope to see all of you there next year!!



August Membership Tea Held in Black Forest

P1010049Our annual August Membership Tea was held at Daughter, Carolyn Trump’s house.  It was such a delight to welcome new chapter members, get to know them and share our stories.  There were so many wonderful treats made by our chapter officers it was hard to pass up any of them!  This Tea was particularly poignant as we were able to honor members of the Black Forest firefighters for all their efforts in the recent Black Forest Fire and saving the Black Forest School built in 1922.  Our chapter sponsored the renovation of this building in 1993.  The fires were very close the old log schoolhouse and we feel so grateful to all the firefighters for ensuring this historic building was preserved!  In honoring the firefighters our chapter presented them with a beautiful watercolor of the building.  This painting is now hanging in the Black Forest Fire Department Building.